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Consultant Services for Migration Agents, Lawyers and Clients

Simon Jeans is in the unique position of having worked as a representative and Tribunal Member.  He is available to give advice on all aspects of Tribunal appeals:

  • What to lodge at the time of application;

  • Evidence to obtain;

  • When to lodge further documents:

  • Hearing preparation;

  • Tactics before, during and after the hearing; and

  • Judicial reviews.

He can also give advice on how to avoid going to the Tribunal by being successful at the primary stage.

Consultant and Training Services

Simon Jeans has over 27 years’ experience as a lawyer and decision-maker and has acquired a strong and effective set of skills in document examination, conducting interviewing, credibility assessment and fact-finding.  He has conducted training in migration law to lawyers and migration agents.

He offers consulting services to corporations and government agencies in conducting confidential investigations, interviews and fact-finding.  He is skilled in obtaining information and the assessment of credibility. 

His decisions made at the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunals have withstood the scrutiny of judges from the Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court and High Court.  A Judge in the Federal Circuit Court quashed one of his decisions made in the Refugee Review Tribunal, but the Minister lodged an appeal to the Full Federal Court.  The Minister's appeal was allowed on 13 May 2016, which meant the decision of the Federal Circuit Court was overturned: MIBP v SZUXN [2016] FCA 516 (2016) 69 AAR 210. An application for special leave to appeal to the High Court was dismissed on 8 February 2017: SZUXN v MIBP [2017] HCASL 8.

Other judgments in which his decisions were upheld include Sun v MIBP [2015] FCCA 2479, [2016] FCAFC 52; SZUYO v MIBP [2015] FCA 970DZAEQ v MIBP [2015] FCCA 399; SZSZN v MIPB [2014] FCCA 404; SZSIA v MIAC [2013] FCCA 720; SZQUM v MIAC [2012] HCASL 151, [2012] FMCA 79; SZQUI v MIAC [2012] HCASL 166, FCA 839, FMCA 272; Singh v MIBP [2015] FCCA 3021; and Huang v MIAC [2012] FMCA 311.

He has conducted successful appeals in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, for example, in a citizenship character case.  The Tribunal found that the applicant was of good character to be granted citizenship: Onyeaka and MIBP [2015] AATA 960





The Law Society of NSW, Specialist Accreditation

Migration Institute of Australia